Whether you’re familiar with technology or you feel like you’re being left behind with the modern world, there are some definite investments you should make for your home. These aren’t something out of a science-fiction novel or anything that will be too hard to get to grips with, but they will make life in your home easier – for the whole family.


Ring Doorbell

The ring doorbell or any of its competitors are a must-have for any home because they are just so convenient. The idea behind the doorbell is that a camera is placed where the doorbell is, so when it rings you can use an app on any of your smart devices to see who is at the door. You are probably thinking that you could just open the door to do that – but what if you’re not home? You can tell couriers where to safely leave a parcel or tell a friend what time you’ll be home. If you’re away for a number of days it also gives you peace of mind that you can keep an eye on the front of your house and make sure that everything is going okay! It’s also a great gadget for anyone that lives alone and wants to check who is at the door before they open it.


Amazon Alexa

Alexa is a great device and it also works with lots of other devices within your home. Set up correctly it’s able to switch on/off lights, answer any questions you ask it and even pause the TV. Use it to set an alarm, add items to your shopping list and even ring through to other people you know that have an Alexa too. It’s a small gadget so you won’t even notice it’s there – but you’ll find it really handy once you get to grips with using it!

Ninja Foodi

Ninja Kitchen do a range of kitchen gadgets and they’re all pretty decent. The Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 is a multi-cooker with an impressive array of functions. Once you get to grips with it you can air fry an egg for soft boiled eggs in just a few minutes, or cook a whole chicken in an hour. Functions it has include pressure cook, sauté, bake, air fry and it even makes yoghurt! It’s a handy gadget for any kitchen, but those with really small kitchens will massively benefit, people can even take them to use on caravanning holidays!


Robotic Vacuum

There are different brands for this one, so you should do your research and work out what works best for you. However, this handy little robot will hoover a whole room for you without too much fuss. It tracks where it has been and turns itself around if it bumps into anything. You can also set it on a timer so that you can schedule when it hoovers; handy for days when you’re out all day because you get it to do some of your chores for you while you’re at work – winning!

There is so much technology available now that in 2021 we should be investing in some of it to make our lives easier. Have a look at what your home might benefit from, I bet there is something to suit.