Whether you have worked from home before or it is something that you’re looking to try in 2022 it is important that you embrace the changes in order to make the transition as smooth as possible. The truth is that working from home can be great, but it is also a big change from what you are used to so making sure you are ready for the change is a big step to making everything work.

Create a Work Space

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated office space or you are going to be working from your living room, creating a space to work from is important. I find that by having somewhere that I sit down properly at to work I am much more motivated while I am there – great for my productivity. As you’re going to be sitting down for large chunks of the day, investing in the right office furniture is essential. You don’t want to be balanced on a chair that is going to break or working from the sofa uncomfortable. Instead it is recommended that you look into agile office furniture to invest in the right seating and working furniture for you and your needs.

Embrace the Change

Working from home opens  up the opportunity to get much more done at home – and whilst doing the washing up in your lunch break or prepping dinner between phone calls might not sound like the most amount of fun it does mean that those tasks are done and you don’t have tow orry about the later. One of the hardest things about working away from home is coming home to a list of tasks that need to be completed even though you’re shattered- tickting some of these off the list during your working day at home really helps.

Avoid Isolation

If you working from home long term then it can be tempting to stay in your bubble at home, get your head down and just crack on with things. This can be great for getting a small task done, but realistically it isn’t going to make you feel good long term. Make an effort to stay in touch with work colleagues or people that work in the same industry as you – discuss projects, ask for advice and talk through what you are doing. If people are local then you could even meet up for work days or just a walk at lunchtime, keeping touch with people can really help you get over the void you might feel if you’re missing office banter and company.